Such a “Freaking” Lady – Random Thought




Where do I start?

This has been stuck in my craw for YEARS

Why is it women can not cuss, swear, use dirty words?!

Why is it because we are supposed to be above it all we can pull a four letter word out our ass and just have at it?!

I don’t get it.

Yes, I admit my cussing is a bad habit i picked up from my dad, but why should I not swear if that is what the emotion dictates?

Why use some SAT word that who ever you are cussing out has to go look up, to get the full impact of what I am trying to punch them with? 

I never understood that one, my granny was the QUEEN of the big SAT word that you had to look up to understand you had just be bitch slapped in a nice way.

Naw I want to see your face when I verbally pimp slap you with a cuss word. I want you to feel like the words from the BATMAN tv show with Adam West, BAM, POW, etc.   I guess that’s the point Ladies don’t fight.


I Cuss too…. I am Hank’s Child 

I rather cuss you out, instead of holding it in.  I get in HULK SMASH Gemini mode.  I blank out often times and have no memory of what I just said, but I do know I feel better.

Ain’t no body trying to go to an early grave cause I held in the cussing out that you deserved for the ratchet bullshit you just pulled or tried to pull.

In the words of the CHAMP from Harlem Nights…..


Well my Divas are you for a well time cussing out?

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and a Good Cussing Out….

The Diva V


The Martha Effect


The Martha Stewart Effect

I never quite understood the Martha Stewart hate I heard about in the late 80’s when Martha and her crafts blew up.  I LOVED Martha Stewart’s show and tried to do some of her recipes and crafts.  I could not fully understand as a kid why some women had a rather obsessive dislike of Ms. Stewart.  While yes she had a full staff at her disposal to make those crafts and crap you just had to have…. She made it seem ever so effortless.  I just did not get it…. because I was a kid/teen, it was not until I was an adult that I fully got it and met my very own Martha.

I love to sew and I love crafts. and while I was unemployed I had lots of time to do these crafts, but no money for materials.  Now that I have the money I dont have the time…. Gotta love Life’s little twists.

Any who, I have followed one SAHM/Blogger/Amazing Sewer named Erica B *click here* for a few years, in fact she inspired me to blog about the stuff I make.  Erica has made and reviewed so many patterns along with inspirations from spring and fall fashion weeks.  I remember one Chanel inspired piece she did I an just read with awe and envy like WOW I cant even think on how to do that.  And again where does she find the time.  And to top it all off she has at least 3 kids and still looks fly as hell…

And this year I some how stumbled upon Mimi G *click here* another Blogger/Amazing Sewer * I think she is a SAHM, but dont quote me on that one* Mimi G reviews patterns, shows you how to make patterns from scratch, doing tie dye, styling clothes, etc  I have even paid for a few of her pattern tutorials.  She has a knack for breaking down patterns to make them simple for even the most novice of sewers. And she is just as fly as Erica B doing all this.

And then I look at my life and think, What the hell am I doing with it lol….. clearly I am not properly utilizing my 24 hours in a day like these ladies.  I know they are both married, have kids, *maybe a pet or two* and yet they still find time to not only sew but to blog, make videos and help the rest of their admires with questions we might have about random sewing stuff. *They are members of the same sewing FB group I am on*

So these ladies are my Martha Stewart.  While I do not hate them or envy them, but some-days I truly wonder how they do it all.   I feel like a slubb, I have 0 kids *does my dog Bear count?*, no husband but planning a wedding, and  going back to work, but not having time to create, and up pops in my feed something just items and I look down on the too big clothes I am wearing just shaking my head and laugh at my self.  Then I realize like Martha Stewart these two ladies, who are very sweet, nice women, who are rather talented, have their haters and detractors.   Yet they keep doing what the do, helping out the slubbs like me to stop making butt prints on the couch, and make something.

So Thank You Martha, I mean Erica and Mimi, You inspire me…

I encourage you all to visit their websites and drool over the amazing items they create and share with us…..

Who is your Martha Stewart? Your Inspiration

‘Til Next Time

Love, Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~

Skirt Reinvented



Dana Buchman I Miss You

When I first graduated from Tuskegee in 1997 I worked at Marshall Fields, department store in Chicago, It was my favorite store to stop at.  While working at Fields I discovered this bridge designer who could do some thangs with silk that I just fell in love with.  That designer was Dana Buckman… OMG how I loved her silks, could not always afford them but LOVED her silks.  Well Dana shut her bridge brand down and started designing for Kohls, Bye Bye silk. *tears* 

Any who…. I have had one silk Dana Buchman skirt left, but with my weight loss it was WAY too big, so I have changed the skirt in to a peplum top.  While this skirt was over 10 years old the silk has lasted the test of time, and figured I would re-purpose it. 

I used V8815 pattern, for a Vogue pattern it was very easy and quick to make. 


I cut the top out only 4 pieces, in less than a hour and finally sewed it today took a little over 2 hours to sew.

I did not put in the back darts or the zipper, I hate zippers in tops makes it hard for me to get on and off, so since I did not put the zipper in i did not put in the back darts.  And I not have any seam binding *ugh* but I made it work. 

Here is the end result…. I actually LOVE how it came out.  Not only is the top trendy, but the colors are very spring like and the top is way more flattering than the long skirt *as much as I love A-Line skirts they do not really flatter me* 

I can’t wait to wear it some time this week to work. 


What do you think my Curvy Divas….

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~




So I have gone on Challenge overload. So many out there and here are a few I am doing or thinking about doing.
~30 Squats Challenge I will post the pic to see how this challenge goes. I want to drop another 30lbs before the end of the year. I am trying to getting fiancé to join me, so we can both get healthier.


~The April Instagram Challenge
I figured why not seems fun

If u want to follow me on IG I am @the_diva_v

~The Year Long Make Your Wardrobe
This is one I am thinking about. Basically you sew for a year and not buy any clothes. I will decide tomorrow if I will do that one.


I am going to do the Year long sewing challenge….. woohoo… here is a link to the blog for that Challenge….

Those are the new ones I have taken on. I am already doing the Pretty Girls Rock dresses Challenge. So far I suck at this lol it has been cold here do wearing a dress is not really feasible, and most of my dresses are way too big due yo the weight loss.

So my fellow Curvy Girls are you doing any Challenges?
Let me know

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~

eReader vs Paper




In 2010 for Christmas my extra nifty Dr. Brother gave me and my baby brother Nook Colors for gifts…. I really like the Nook as an eReader, great for books and I like having my magazine on it also BUT *I know there is always a but*

While I really enjoy reading books on my eReader there is something about a magazine on the eReader that I just can’t get with.  There is a little thrill that I get flipping through the glossy pages of a new magazine, even the reading of the articles, the turning down of a page to mark my place in the mag where I am stopping.  Call me stuck in my ways or old fashioned.  And while the practical side of me would rather not clutter up my house with stacks of mags, I can’t help myself lol.  I still tear out pages of recipes I to try, clothes, accessories, etc I want to buy or make, or even articles that I want to keep.

I donate/recycle the old mags, in face I have a large stack that needs to be picked up.

So my Curvy Divas do you prefer the ereader or paper?

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty 

~The Diva V~ 

Mode Monday – Day Dress



The #2 item on Tim Gunn’s 10 Essential Pieces is a Day Dress:

The Day Dress:  This is a dress that you’re probably going to wear to work. It is never intended to be a dress that you would wear to a cocktail party alternative.”

My favorite kind of Day Dress is a sheath dress, it can be worn year round and with or with out a jacket or cardi.

peplumdress-84 I love this little trendy dress with the peplum dress in one of Spring’s hottest colors.  It is a great addition to your wardrobe. I found a new website Simply Be I have yet to order from them but they have some great trendy items in plus size and the prices are not bad.

onestop-dress This hounds-tooth dress is great for the office, can be worn spring, winter or fall.  Flattering to almost all shapes, you can get it at 

calvin-dress Loves this Calvin Kline color block dress, not only does it flatter most shapes the color blocking helps to make you look even slimmer.  This dress is available at Macy’s

My other favorite Day Dress is a Wrap Dress.  This Dress made iconic by  Diane Von Furstenberg, is a perfect dress from a size 0 to a 30+ 

*Side Note: still a little upset that DVF does not do plus size but I guess I will get over that*

I prefer a true Wrap Dress as apposed to a Mock Wrap Dress, if you go down or up a size your Wrap Dress can be adjusted.  If you feel that the Wrap Dress is coming down too low in the front on your cleavage, you can wear a cami under the dress, add a cami that has a little lace on the top to add a little extra to the dress. 

mockwrap Mock Wrap Dress from Igig flattering dress for any shape. 

wrap1 I love a cotton A-Line Wrap Dress, reminds me of the 50’s lol but this is a great dress I have one like this, I had had it about 10 years, and is still holding up, very flattering and forgiving.  This one is from Jibri Esty site 

 wrap3 I heart this Asymmetric wrap with the soft ruffle, I might try to make something like this.  This is also from an Esty seller 

 I know Wrap Dresses are not the hot style right now but they are CLASSIC and will stand the test of time.  

So my Curvy Divas, what Day Dresses do you already own? And what do you plan to add to your closet?

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things pretty

~The Diva V~

Mode Mondays




Yes I know you all missed them….

First I will revisit Tim Gunn’s 10 Basic Pieces

You know Tim Gunn is my BFF in my head… I LOVE him… and I love his style…

This will be geared towards the curvy/plus sized woman…

The first piece is:

1. Basic Black Dress

“We all know that you can dress it up to take it out, that’s its intention, but you can also pair an item like this with a cardigan for work. So it’s an easy item to transition.”

I so LOVE LBD (Little Black Dress) there is nothing you can’t do with it.  It can go from day to night with just a few easy accessory changes.


For your first LBD I would stay way from a lot of sparkly details on the dress, you want something that is a bit more versatile. 

The lace dress is from great dress for the office and a night on the town or even a cocktail party.  Add a cardigan or blazer and its perfect for the office.  For night time add some sparkly earrings and a killer pair of pumps or strappy sandals and a great bag.  Same with a cocktail party.  This dress is about $100 online


lbd-ck-6pmThis is a Calvin Kline dress *yes CK is doing plus size woohoo* this dress is on  

lbd-sheath-macyHere is my favorite kind of dress a sheath.  There are so many things you can do with this dress and flattering on SO many figures.  This is another CK dress found at Macy’s.

So Divas do you love a LBD? how do you dress yours up or down?

Do you have any killer shoe ideas?

Can’t wait to hear from you

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~ 

Date Night



When you have been together a while, be it in a long term relationship, married, etc you can easily fall into a comfy rut routine

When I found this happening to me and yella boi, I said we need to have a date night at least twice a month.  Some months it works out better than others but we have been doing pretty good at it.  And with us now planning a wedding it is even more important not to get lost in the planning and to remember why we are getting married… and that we like to spend time together.

We have done a variety of things from live Jazz music *which we both love* to something as simple as me cooking dinner and us just vegging out watching TV on the couch…

But when we do go out I do get dolled up and look cute even if it is just to have a quick dinner at a restaurant … So here are a few of my Date Night Looks….

Easter 023







the first Look we went out to dinner over the summer just summer time fun 🙂

Easter 067  here we were going to a 70’s party my DOI court was having… LOVE PEACE AND SSSOOOULLLL

Easter 191 This is my NYE look the ultimate date night

IMG_0322 here we are going to hear live Jazz down in DC…. another fun night

datenight2 This one is from last night… my hair is finally growing out… long story lol

Here are just a few of the looks I have sported and a few of the places we have gone…. Do you all have date night? What were some of your favorite date night outings?

And if you don’t have date night why not?  Come on have some one on one time with your Mista….

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~




So this Challenge popped up in my news feed on FB….

Pretty Girls Rock Dresses® Spring/Summer 2013 Dress Challenge
So I clicked on the event… and saw the rules….
“Pretty Girls Rock Dresses DRESS CHALLENGE Mission:

1. We will ROCK dresses (skirts) and CUTE SHOES (heels and/or flats) like our mothers and grandmothers at least THREE (3) days a week.

2. We will reject the IMPULSE to throw on jeans, jogging suits (EVEN THE CUTE KIND), and dress slacks.

3. We will exchange our revelations and thoughts throughtout this challenge. 

4. We will invite our friends to join.

5. We will include our daughters and young women we mentor.

6. We will take Pictures and Have FUN!!!!

7. Everyone is welcomed to participate.

Exceptions: Flattering/Very Feminine Dress Suits are ALLOWED. 

*If you have a blog share with your followers.*

Inspiring women to embrace pretty from the inside out. Dresses are the ultimate sign of feminine power!!

Officially Kicked Off: Friday, March 1, 2013

Let’s bring back:

*GLAMOUR. *GRACE. *CHARM. *FEMININTY. *PRISSYness (is that a word?) and most of all BEAUTY. 

PGRDresses Star?

There’s Power in the Dress, Purse, and Stiletto!”

So I figured why not I clicked that I would join in.  It is from March 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013…. I think this is a great and amazing Challenge…. I wish I had thought of it lol 
Now my plan was to start this March 1 but i was set back after coming back into town with the flu that has lingered and it is still cold here in Maryland and I am on the bus…. 
But now that I feel better I plan to jump in head first to this Challenge…. I will rock a dress to work but the cute shoes will be hard I work in retail my shoes are ugly but comfy… but I will find a way around that 🙂
So my Divas do you want to join me in this Challenge? C’mon it will be fun….
I can’t wait to see what you all wear….
Here is the website of the woman who came up with the Challenge: and FB Page
I even have some new fabric and patterns to make some summer dresses and take in my current maxi dress….
‘Til Next Time
Love Peace and All Things Pretty….
~The Diva V~

Addiction… Yes I Admit it



Yes I am Addicted


Yes, I have a problem I am addicted to patterns.  Yes I love to sew and the BMV club does not help this addiction. 

The pic above is the haul of patterns I got from their .99 cent sale.  Club BMV (Butterick McCalls Vogue) is a membership that is only $9.99 a year and you get discounts on patterns so even with the .99 cent sale on McCalls and Butterick, $2.99 for Vogue *yes 2.99 for Vogue* the Club BMV members paid less than that.  If you are an avid sewer, or you cant always make it to JoAnns or Handcock for their sales check out McCalls website it will take you to the other two…. Club BMV is worth the money but I will warn you their shipping will HURT lol but it still has not stopped me. lol 

So I got some patterns for the spring.  I am really interested in making a peblem  top, and making a white vogue skirt with all the ruffles…. and the wrap dress… Yes i could go on and on… 

I have a horde of patterns already but I did not have these…. 

So I will keep yall posted on which ones I make…. I think the top will be first… I cant wait for it to warm up and i can wear my spring stuff….. 

‘Til Next Time…

Love Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~