Pintrest!!!!!! WOOHOO



As many of you all know I am a collector.  So when I found Pintrest, I died and went to collector heaven.

I have found some AMAZING pin’s on Pintrest from food to wedding ideas (yes, I am getting Married)

I highly recommend that you check it out, you will be addicted too lol.

I think my favorite part is the new drinks I have found *plus cool ways to make drunk gummy bears* *dont judge me* 


gummy bears

These Bears have been soaked in Vodka… yeah buddy lol 

Here is my board on pintrest The Diva V 

The way pintrest works is you set up your account you can customize your own board titles, My boards are:

  I Heart This – Random Stuff I love online & on pintrest

  The Diva V Style Inspiration & Style Icons – Things that I love style wise and that inspire me to sew

  Crafty Diva – Crafts and clothes I want to make 

  Shoe Addict & Its In the Bag – These two boards help to fuel my love and addiction of shoes and hand bags yes I know its a sickness 

  Just Hair – my new love WEAVE, I also have a love of wigs…. these are some of the ones I want to try

  Going to the Chapel – Ideas for my wedding

  Home Sweet Home – Things I want for my house after I get married 

  Hungry Girl – Food items that pop up that make me hungry that i want to make or I have tried

  *Smack* My Life – Some of the things I find that fit my mood that day 

  Sew Sew Cute – Things I have made from clothing to jewelry

  Beat My Face – Make up Inspiration and Ideas

  Life After – Words of Inspiration and Prayers for life after the wedding day

  Tattoo Ideas

   ~Bazinga~ – My Nerd board with all things Trekkie, Big Bang Theory, and Potter related *yeah i am that girl* 

  What A Man – some mens fashions I plan to dress my hunny in sshh dont tell him 

  3 Sheets – all the alcohol ideas i.e. drunk gummy bears lol 

You can have as many or as little boards as you want…. you can follow your FB friends….

So Divas who else is on pintrest?

What are your boards and interests?


‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty 

The Diva V 



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