Spring 2013 Color Report

Pedestrians walk through snow storm in Chicago


It is about this time of year I am ready for spring to come.. well not really I have bad seasonal allergies and spring is the worse for me but I get tired of cold and snow. The Picture above is from Chicago not Baltimore. 

Now those of yall who know me know I was born and raised in the GREAT CITY OF CHICAGO, but I currently live in Baltimore, MD.  It does not get he snow fall that Chicago does, nor does it get the cold, but we just had a weather event, i.e. snow, here in Baltimore and it got cold like I was back in Chicago.  So of course i am wising for warmer weather and Spring…

I started looking for what the Pantone Spring 2013 color report… humm just like snow and cold not feeling these colors… but i am not a big yellow and green person….


I see a few colors I need in my life, like African Violet, Nectarine and Poppy Red….. the rest are just eh to me.  Maybe I can work in the two blue colors of Monaco Blue and Dusk Blue.

I will be back with some pieces to add to my current wardrobe this spring and summer.

What colors are you planning to add this Spring to your wardrobe?

‘Til Next Time 

Love Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~



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