Polyvore Any One?




If you are like me you have noticed these “outfit” thumbnails floating around Facebook , Twitter, Instagram and Pintrest. And if you are like me you have wondered where the hell did they find these…. AH HA I found out POLYVORE *click me* 

Now if you are like me, you will be hooked.  I am like a kid in the candy store.  It is a great inspiration and sewing ideas.

The pic above is my latest one I did.  I love Polyvore because you can not only add the dress, pants, top etc but you can add accessories, makeup, and backgrounds… You can keep this on pintrest and if the outfit is out of your price range you can find dupe for it…. Its a great win win…Wish I had thought of this idea…

So who out there is hooked on Polyvore?  If not that site which one do you like to use for your inspirations?

Lets see your images you have come up with….

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty….

~The Diva V~ 


Congrats to the Ravens


Super Bowl Champs

Unless you have lived under a rock for the past 2 weeks , you know about the The Baltimore Ravens beating the San Francisco 49ners in New Orleans this past Sunday   

Being a Bears Fan… I really had no dog in this fight… I am happy that Baltimore won…. I would have been happy if the 49ners had won *their head coach is a former Bear* 

Baltimore showed up and showed out for the Ravens Parade yesterday…. when I got off the train for work here were the lines to get tickets to ride the train 


I dont know if I love the Bears that much lol…. it was estimated 250K packed into M&T Bank Stadium to show their love to their beloved team…

Here are a few shots…. yall just gotta love Ray Ray…. 


No Hate 

No Shade

But can I get some real news on TV? lol

Congrats again B”more….

‘Til Next Time 

Love Peace and All Things Pretty 

~The Diva V~ 



I’M DONE  Woohoo 

Yes, I finished my LBD… Here are a few pics…

lbd-3 lbd-1 lbd-2

Here are a few shots of the dress and jacket.  I used matte jersey black knit material, and Asian inspired satin brocade.

I used Butterick pattern B5309 the pattern is OOP 😦 but I have had it for years.

B5309 It says its easy… yes the dress was easy, but the jacket gave me the blues with the collar…. but I did my best Tim Gunn….”Make it Work”

I am  pleased with my overall results and look forward to wearing this out with Mista Man….

What do you Divas think?

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~