Such a “Freaking” Lady – Random Thought




Where do I start?

This has been stuck in my craw for YEARS

Why is it women can not cuss, swear, use dirty words?!

Why is it because we are supposed to be above it all we can pull a four letter word out our ass and just have at it?!

I don’t get it.

Yes, I admit my cussing is a bad habit i picked up from my dad, but why should I not swear if that is what the emotion dictates?

Why use some SAT word that who ever you are cussing out has to go look up, to get the full impact of what I am trying to punch them with? 

I never understood that one, my granny was the QUEEN of the big SAT word that you had to look up to understand you had just be bitch slapped in a nice way.

Naw I want to see your face when I verbally pimp slap you with a cuss word. I want you to feel like the words from the BATMAN tv show with Adam West, BAM, POW, etc.   I guess that’s the point Ladies don’t fight.


I Cuss too…. I am Hank’s Child 

I rather cuss you out, instead of holding it in.  I get in HULK SMASH Gemini mode.  I blank out often times and have no memory of what I just said, but I do know I feel better.

Ain’t no body trying to go to an early grave cause I held in the cussing out that you deserved for the ratchet bullshit you just pulled or tried to pull.

In the words of the CHAMP from Harlem Nights…..


Well my Divas are you for a well time cussing out?

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and a Good Cussing Out….

The Diva V


2 comments on “Such a “Freaking” Lady – Random Thought

  1. I love swearing. I find it satisfying and a great stress release. I have the foulest mouth of anyone I know, including my Dad (when he was alive). My Mom was always horrified by my language, I never once heard her use the F word. Hell, I have used it every day of my adult life. Strangely I don’t swear/curse on my blog. Don’t know why.

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