I’M DONE  Woohoo 

Yes, I finished my LBD… Here are a few pics…

lbd-3 lbd-1 lbd-2

Here are a few shots of the dress and jacket.  I used matte jersey black knit material, and Asian inspired satin brocade.

I used Butterick pattern B5309 the pattern is OOP 😦 but I have had it for years.

B5309 It says its easy… yes the dress was easy, but the jacket gave me the blues with the collar…. but I did my best Tim Gunn….”Make it Work”

I am  pleased with my overall results and look forward to wearing this out with Mista Man….

What do you Divas think?

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~ 


Up Date to the LBD Sew-A-Long



LBD Sew-A-Long 

I got a bit done today, even though all I wanted to do was sleep.  I am almost done with the jacket I need to add some kind of closure piece, I am debating on a black frog or a snap….humm maybe a ribbon.. who knows

I also started the dress the actual LBD of the sew-a-long.  I have it completed except for hemming it.  Now the LBD is a bit snug but that’s ok *it has to be ok because I am not about to let it out*  I will put on my body magic and call it a day lol 

I can’t wait to put the pieces together with the jewelry I made. 


I am actually a little excited of how all of this will come together. 

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace & All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~ 

Still Bundle Up…..



Infinity Scarf

Well since my wish of Spring to magically appear did not happen I am breaking out with my Infinity scarf today.

I love these scarves.  This is the first one I crocheted back in 2011, I am still amazed at how warm this scarf is… Well I liked it so much that I made myself 2 more  an all white one to wear to my OES meetings and a cream one that is shorter in length but it is wider. 

400330_10150573541792033_2087485711_n 422254_10150686326357033_2013795738_n

So these have gotten rave reviews that my high school friend El Sid asked me to make one for her and her mom in 2012.  I hope the scarves keep them warm in Chicago Winter…..

The scarves are easy to make simple instructions

Chain 154

DC in the 4th chain from the end to the end of the chain

Link the ends together and DC until you get the width that you want

the first one I made took 1.5 bundles of yarn

For the white scarf I did a shell stitch on the edges to give it a bit of flare…

the multi colored scarf is twisted twice before I linked the chains and started my double crotchet 

For my Crochet Divas have you made any of these?

If you have please post I would love to see….

I love how quick and simple they are to make. 

Stay Warm…Wishing for Spring….

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty 

~The Diva V~