eReader vs Paper




In 2010 for Christmas my extra nifty Dr. Brother gave me and my baby brother Nook Colors for gifts…. I really like the Nook as an eReader, great for books and I like having my magazine on it also BUT *I know there is always a but*

While I really enjoy reading books on my eReader there is something about a magazine on the eReader that I just can’t get with.  There is a little thrill that I get flipping through the glossy pages of a new magazine, even the reading of the articles, the turning down of a page to mark my place in the mag where I am stopping.  Call me stuck in my ways or old fashioned.  And while the practical side of me would rather not clutter up my house with stacks of mags, I can’t help myself lol.  I still tear out pages of recipes I to try, clothes, accessories, etc I want to buy or make, or even articles that I want to keep.

I donate/recycle the old mags, in face I have a large stack that needs to be picked up.

So my Curvy Divas do you prefer the ereader or paper?

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty 

~The Diva V~