Mode Monday – Day Dress



The #2 item on Tim Gunn’s 10 Essential Pieces is a Day Dress:

The Day Dress:  This is a dress that you’re probably going to wear to work. It is never intended to be a dress that you would wear to a cocktail party alternative.”

My favorite kind of Day Dress is a sheath dress, it can be worn year round and with or with out a jacket or cardi.

peplumdress-84 I love this little trendy dress with the peplum dress in one of Spring’s hottest colors.  It is a great addition to your wardrobe. I found a new website Simply Be I have yet to order from them but they have some great trendy items in plus size and the prices are not bad.

onestop-dress This hounds-tooth dress is great for the office, can be worn spring, winter or fall.  Flattering to almost all shapes, you can get it at 

calvin-dress Loves this Calvin Kline color block dress, not only does it flatter most shapes the color blocking helps to make you look even slimmer.  This dress is available at Macy’s

My other favorite Day Dress is a Wrap Dress.  This Dress made iconic by  Diane Von Furstenberg, is a perfect dress from a size 0 to a 30+ 

*Side Note: still a little upset that DVF does not do plus size but I guess I will get over that*

I prefer a true Wrap Dress as apposed to a Mock Wrap Dress, if you go down or up a size your Wrap Dress can be adjusted.  If you feel that the Wrap Dress is coming down too low in the front on your cleavage, you can wear a cami under the dress, add a cami that has a little lace on the top to add a little extra to the dress. 

mockwrap Mock Wrap Dress from Igig flattering dress for any shape. 

wrap1 I love a cotton A-Line Wrap Dress, reminds me of the 50’s lol but this is a great dress I have one like this, I had had it about 10 years, and is still holding up, very flattering and forgiving.  This one is from Jibri Esty site 

 wrap3 I heart this Asymmetric wrap with the soft ruffle, I might try to make something like this.  This is also from an Esty seller 

 I know Wrap Dresses are not the hot style right now but they are CLASSIC and will stand the test of time.  

So my Curvy Divas, what Day Dresses do you already own? And what do you plan to add to your closet?

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things pretty

~The Diva V~


Are Those Wedding Bells?

205_lg (1)

NOPE Not Bells!!!!

No that sound you hear is the sound of the Cash Register Cha-Ching….


What is it about getting married that makes folks think that you are Donald Trump in the pockets and have all this money to blow on a 12 hour day?

Vendors hear WEDDING!!! and their eyes light up and you can see them mentally counting the extra money they are going to charge you because it is a WEDDING. 

Who wants to go in to hock for one day?

We are having a destination wedding to help keep costs down, as much as I would love every one to come that is just not realistic.  It will be a hard push just to get my family and his family there and not have any body mad at us.  Clearly its going to be some mad folks… sorry…. 

From the dress to the flowers to the FOOD *OMG who knew food would cost enough to buy a tropical island* to gift bags, to wedding party gifts, the list goes on and on…..

My head is spinning

Only thing that helps me not to go crazy is I am the DIY queen so I will be making a few things for the wedding, but not my wedding dress…. 

Any body have tips to help keep costs down? I am all ears….

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty 

~The Diva V~