eReader vs Paper




In 2010 for Christmas my extra nifty Dr. Brother gave me and my baby brother Nook Colors for gifts…. I really like the Nook as an eReader, great for books and I like having my magazine on it also BUT *I know there is always a but*

While I really enjoy reading books on my eReader there is something about a magazine on the eReader that I just can’t get with.  There is a little thrill that I get flipping through the glossy pages of a new magazine, even the reading of the articles, the turning down of a page to mark my place in the mag where I am stopping.  Call me stuck in my ways or old fashioned.  And while the practical side of me would rather not clutter up my house with stacks of mags, I can’t help myself lol.  I still tear out pages of recipes I to try, clothes, accessories, etc I want to buy or make, or even articles that I want to keep.

I donate/recycle the old mags, in face I have a large stack that needs to be picked up.

So my Curvy Divas do you prefer the ereader or paper?

‘Til Next Time

Love Peace and All Things Pretty 

~The Diva V~ 


Addiction… Yes I Admit it



Yes I am Addicted


Yes, I have a problem I am addicted to patterns.  Yes I love to sew and the BMV club does not help this addiction. 

The pic above is the haul of patterns I got from their .99 cent sale.  Club BMV (Butterick McCalls Vogue) is a membership that is only $9.99 a year and you get discounts on patterns so even with the .99 cent sale on McCalls and Butterick, $2.99 for Vogue *yes 2.99 for Vogue* the Club BMV members paid less than that.  If you are an avid sewer, or you cant always make it to JoAnns or Handcock for their sales check out McCalls website it will take you to the other two…. Club BMV is worth the money but I will warn you their shipping will HURT lol but it still has not stopped me. lol 

So I got some patterns for the spring.  I am really interested in making a peblem  top, and making a white vogue skirt with all the ruffles…. and the wrap dress… Yes i could go on and on… 

I have a horde of patterns already but I did not have these…. 

So I will keep yall posted on which ones I make…. I think the top will be first… I cant wait for it to warm up and i can wear my spring stuff….. 

‘Til Next Time…

Love Peace and All Things Pretty

~The Diva V~